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Saturday, April 27, 2013

A big long update, with numbers

 I know I've been AWOL.  Sorry.  Maybe nobody reads this anymore, so in that case I shouldn't feel bad at all.  But if any of you still check out my blog, here I am.  I've been busy.  My schedule at work got all flip-flopped, then I went on vacation for two weeks, and I kinda have a new friend that is a boy, so I've been crazy.  I'll just update you with a few things that make me happy and we'll leave it at that.

1. A few weeks ago I took a little road trip over to see my sister.  It was a pretty short visit, but just to spend a little time with that little niece of mine makes it always worth it.  She grows more and more every time I see her.  Oh and she's talking so much!   Kristen and I hung out, doing what sisters do.  

2. On my last night of work before I left for vacation I had a really sweet patient, that was rough on the outside, but super soft on the inside.  She played cranky with me, but I threw it back at her, as I do with certain patients that I know won't be offended.  She liked it.  We go along great.  It happened to be her birthday the night she came in to see me.  We talked about what she'd be doing if she were home.  She said she'd be drinking wine.  I decided I really liked her them.  We talked about this type of wine she liked, and she urged me to try it.  I said I would.  The next night I came in and and low and behold, she had her family bring in the wine she liked.  All wrapped in a brown paper bag, so I could sneak it out without looking suspicious.  It was the sweetest thing a patient has ever done for me.  We're technically not supposed to take gifts from patients, but in that case had I not taken it she would have been offended.  Now I wouldn't want to offend a sweet old lady!  So I took it.  I hugged her and thanked her.  It just goes to show why you never judge a book by it's cover.  

3. The beginning of my vacation started in Salt Lake City.  I got a one-way ticket to see my friend, Kaleena from high school.  She has an 8 month-old that is as sweet as can be.  We tooled around and she showed me her life in Utah.  We went to a tulip garden that was absolutely beautiful.  It was nice to catch up with an old friend.

4. For my vacation I'd been planning a trip to Utah to go to Zion National Park with a few friends.  We camped, for 4 nights, and then checked out Bryce Canyon on our way out.  It was 5 days filled with hiking, eating, goofing off, and hiking some more.  I was so sore when we got home.  We drove the trusty "black bullet" and had safe travels.  By the end of the trip, with no showers, we were all a smelly bunch.  We stopped in Salt Lake City and showered, then drove through the night to get everyone back to work on time.  Oh the things you do when you're young....
Here's a few pics:
Top of Observation Point: Elevation Change: 2400ft...whew!!
Kolob Canyon

(left)The top of Angels Landing: A very popular hike that has chains on the way up to keep you from falling off the side of a huge cliff.  Yeah, that was not quite my idea of safety.
(right)Hiking the Narrows in my wet suit!!

Quick stop at Bryce Canyon

Kolab Canyon

5. All in all, I've been having a lot of fun lately.  But for more news: I'm on the day shift now!!!  I finally got switched to work a day-shift schedule.  So far, it's been a real adjustment because days are very busy, and now I have a lot more things to keep track of.  But it is totally worth the change!!


~Sue said...

Great update by the numbers (and great photos to boot)! Looking good, having adventures and still being the best nurse. Day Shift now--wow!

Kaleena said...

Love this!! And great pics too!! We just loved having you visit! Can't wait to see you in July when baby D and I are home!
Love you tons!!