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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Top Ten

1. The holidays are over...and I'm kinda glad.  I get so excited a few weeks before, and I'm all ready for it.  Then suddenly my mood changes and all I can think about is homeless people and other sad things.  I can't help it.  So I carry on with my Christmas traditions.  But usually when it's over, I'm relieved.
2. At work lately, I've been the charge nurse.  This means I'm the boss of my unit's staff for the shift.  I thought I might like the leadership role...turns out I don't really think I do.  I can do it and do it well, I just think I'm more of a follower.  That sounds bad.  I'm a follower within reason.
3. Walked to the public library today and loved it.  Every time I go pick out a book I feel like I'm in heaven.  It's free.  And there's so much to choose from.  Every kind of book imaginable.  Now if I can just sit still for long enough to finish.  I also wore my yak-traks and I didn't fall.
4. I haven't fallen in the snow/rain/ice yet this year.  It's a new breakthrough.  I usually biff it by Thanksgiving.  Scratch that.  I fell on the ski hill a few days ago. That doesn't count.  Stay tuned...I will probably fall tomorrow.
5. I made this thing called "Chicken Taco Pasta."  It was good.  Here's the recipe.

6. Recently there have been a lot of really ill people in the hospital.  Weird, huh?  Its been really depressing.  People dying that should be dying.  People losing limbs that should lose limbs.  Nice people getting cancer diagnosis.  I've come the conclusion that if I want to live longer I need to be meaner.  I'm reminded daily of fragile life and that it is to be respected.
7. My christmas tree is shedding very few pine needles.  How late do you think I could leave it up?  I like it.  Is it weird if I leave it up until Easter?
8. I have fleece sheets on my bed.  Amazing.  Need I say more?
10. Happy New Year.  I'm back on my blog.

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