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Thursday, January 24, 2013

So I was changing this dressing...

The other day at work I was finishing report, when a Nurse practitioner I work with asked me for some help.  He said, "Has the patient in room 'whatever' had that much drainage all night?"  I said, "Well at the beginning of my shift there wasn't a lot, but it was oozing a bit."  He said, "Well, would you mind grabbing me when you go to change it?  I want to see the incision."  Okay, I can do that.
So when the time comes, right at the end of my shift, when I love to stay late to change dressings(insert sarcasm), I grab that NP and tell him I'm going to change the dressing.
We head into the patients room.  This patient was a nice little man, with a little bit of a mental deficit, but super kind and had a great sense of humor.  We got him up on this side so I could take the old dressing off and allow the NP to take a look at the incision.  The NP was being super helpful, which was totally a surprise as he is usually rude and bossy.  I took the dressing down and NP asked me to spread my fingers in a 'peace' sign and push down on either side of the incision to see what kind of oozing I could create.  Super cool, right?
So I push down with my fingers on either side of the patients incision, and right as I do so the patient lets out the longer, funniest FART of my life.  It felt like it lasted a lifetime.  
And then I died.  Laughing.
I was almost doubled over, with my hands still on the patient, laughing.  I know, super unprofessional. I just couldn't help it.  My patient's only response was "Oh sorry, I farted.  Did I poop?"  Nope.
NP's only response was, "I love when that happens first thing in the morning."
I died.  Literally.  I walked out to my car from work that shift and just died.  Of laughter.
It was worth staying late for.


lesley: the dream tree said...

haha, don't you just love when that happens.

Kelsey said...

I just read this story out loud to my parents and all three of us were laughing :) You are a great story teller!